Freak definition: A freak event or action is one that is a very unusual or extreme example of its type. The term "control freak" is obviously not a clinical one, but it has meaning nonetheless because the term so clearly defines a problem: Men and women who … What makes someone a 'freak' to you sexually? n. 1. Freak definition, any abnormal phenomenon or product or unusual object; anomaly; aberration. Oral sex seems kinda freaky the first time you try it, does it not? Wright’s findings are in line with what psychologists call “sexual script theory,” the widely studied notion that what we watch becomes our definition and even our expectation of normal sex. Things like forbidding an orgasm, denying sex, or having to perform sexual or nonsexual acts fall under this category. RELATED: 17 Sex Positions Men Love MOST Sadism and Masochism As a noun freak is a man, particularly a bold, strong, vigorous man or freak can be a sudden causeless change or turn of the mind; a whim of fancy; a capricious prank; a vagary or caprice. It’s not to be mistaken with hoe. Katie saw shadows but nothing else. Words nearby freaky. Why the rich have a hard time entering the kingdom - Bible talk. Also, some people aren't everyday freaks, and may be willing to expand their horizons based on the circumstances. ness, noun. What does freak mean? ... freak (verb) Have sex. . The guy I had sex with tonight said I was a freak. I see it as a positive thing, as long as the things they do are with other sane, consenting adults and they aren't hurting anyone . Freaky is a derived term of freak. One of the women in the group mentions something she has done or likes sexually and that’s when you hear it…”Damn girl! freak: [adverb] very; really; extremely. Find 6 ways to say SEX FREAK, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Definition of freak in the dictionary. I'm a bit of one for having sex in a classroom on my campus :), someone that can't go a few days with no sexual interactions. She likes it rough. Noun ’fr?k One that is markedly unusual or abnormal. ‘a freak red cabbage with side shoots coming from the leaves’ ‘He was foaled in Indiana, was a mere freak of nature, and withal a very curious looking animal.’ ‘Abi, being a freak of nature, still has sensation even after doses of epidural that would fell a rhinoceros.’ Kinky, wild in bed, intimately promiscuous, etc. Obviously, the definition will vary from person to person based on one's level of experience. Alcohol can make someone do something they never thought of doing before. I am talking about someone who is completely sold out to the sexual encounter at that moment, giving every shred of their body and soul and energy. She's mad freaky ! I’m not saying [have sex] with each and everybody in that record. .. . Oh, gosh, I've been called a sexual freak from time to time, but I'm actually rather 'vanilla' compared to what would be considered 'freaky' in the sexual culture. What's your definition of a freak? See more words with the same meaning: promiscuous . Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Ways to Color the Monotonous Sexual Life in Marriage! What does freaky mean? What does CONTROL FREAK mean? We want to hear from you! freaky: [adjective] sexually voracious. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Freak is a relative term, like good, nice, thick, or ugly, and is in the eye of the beholder. Most of the examples men give for what makes a woman a ‘freak’ has to do with sex itself and don’t sound any different from what I know most people are probably doing behind closed doors. 6 Male Mistakes That Cooled Women From Sex! You a freak!”  I personally don’t always take this statement as a negative, unless of course the male saying it sees this as some kind of free pass to the ‘Love Below,’ but what does perplex me about the statement is that I have yet to find a man that can give me an absolute definition of what exactly a freak is. So ladies and gents what is your definition of a freak and how do you display your freaky side? Frightening. Someone with a lot of energy when it comes to sex and the want and desire to have sex often and in non-traditional locations.. Add new topic Relationships forum. As a verb freak is See more words with the same meaning: very, extremely, completely, in a grand way . Oh, gosh, I've been called a sexual freak from time to time, but I'm actually rather 'vanilla' compared to what would be considered 'freaky' in the sexual culture. You are on page . I’m having a conversation with a man, or I’m with a group of men and women, when naturally the conversation turns to relationships and sex. Noun ’fr?k One that is markedly unusual or abnormal. Meaning and Definition of freak. That is freak expensive. I asked him why he thought that. Morally speaking, not legally, what gives you the right to other people's earnings? My album is all about taking control and owning yourself, owning your sexuality, owning your beauty, your confidence, don’t allow others opinions or a man’s opinions validate how you should feel about yourself.”. As adjectives the difference between freaky and freak is that freaky is resembling a freak while freak is strange, weird. freak (verb) To loosen up the tobacco from a Black & Mild pipe-tobacco cigar. He said because I enjoyed sex so much. Translate Freak. See more. Now when I think of a freak, I think of someone who has furry sex because clearly…that’s not normal. Copyright © 2021 Vibe Media, LLC. Women love crazy sex. by Brad Report definition being sexually open, acting intimately by Vada Report definition singular kind of "Freakies", a much-loved and destroyed breakfast cereal from the 1970's by Teodoro Report definition Adjective form of the noun freak see freak. What is CONTROL FREAK? A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular: A freak of nature produced the midsummer snow. Receiving oral sex made it to the top 10 for both sexes, although many more men than women (61% v. 43%) found this very appealing, a gender difference that has been explained in … freak (verb) Person who practices the above things; sexually aggressive female (never missing a beat). Never miss a thing with GirlsAskGuys notifications on your browser. See more words with the same meaning: sexually adventurous . What is freak? Period. All Rights reserved. Related Forums. Slang: a sexual deviate. freak meaning. See 8 authoritative translations of Freak in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations. Find me a woman who says she likes regular “vanilla” sex and I will show you a woman who is lying to protect herself from slut-shaming. Maybe I’m wrong? out of 2. Women love freaky sex. Prayers Continue For DMX To Pull Through Hospitalization Following Heart Attack, Man Down: 3 Ways To Tell Someone Their Breath Is Not What’s Up. There are people who are sexually experienced b/c well, they've had sex alot & By krysrenee7 — February 26, 2011 5:31pm — 16 replies. What's your definition of a FREAK? It makes her a woman who is secure in her sexuality. Define freak. To me there’s nothing sexier than confidence so don’t wear or be anybody that you’re not comfortable being or wearing. . freaking, freakish, ... Are its users loud and proud harbingers of the sex-tech revolution, or just people who want to get a bit freaky on the sly? For … I disagreed. freak synonyms, freak pronunciation, freak translation, English dictionary definition of freak. 2. Certain personalities are said to be an indicator of freak tendencies (the good girl, quiet girl, etc), but those people can’t be doing anything that out of the ordinary either. As a woman I hear it all the time. Just because a woman owns her sexuality does not make her a freak. Synonyms, Antonyms, Derived Terms, Anagrams and senses of freak. Women love kinky sex. (adjective) The trees overhead rustled, and Toby yanked away, staring. Definition Of A Freak. As a woman I hear it all the time. I’m having a conversation with a man, or I’m with a group of men and women, when…. “A freak is a person who crosses the line. Slang: a sexual deviate. How to use freak in a sentence. The definition of a freak is an unexpected event or a person who does not fit in with the mainstream. Woman Don’t Like Vanilla Sex. Noun ’fr?k One that is markedly unusual or abnormal.Slang: a sexual deviate. Get weekly rundowns straight to your inbox, Get our latest stories in the feed of your favorite networks. They take full credit for their success. Recently Keri Hilson sat down for an interview with Fader TV to give her definition of a freak, here’s what she had to say: “Being a freak, it’s like that’s what you want to be. Freak definition is - a sudden and odd or seemingly pointless idea or turn of the mind. A true freak is passionate about sex, but I do not mean your basic, garden-variety passion that everyone thinks they possess. Someone who is open-minded and pushes the boundaries sexually. To me a sex freak is someone who is ready to do anything and everything ,anytime and anywhere at the drop of a hat.It is very good if they are with you,but sex freaks never seem to be satisfied so they usually cheat on their partner which is bad. . I’m talking about one guy on one night and if women are very honest, this is what we want some nights. How would you feel if a girl said “you’re so big and strong and you’re everything I need”. by Lajuana Boulter Report definition There is absolutely no way a control freak will attribute their … First lesson: all women are sexual freaks. The only opinion from guys was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! As a woman I hear it all the time. A freak is simply someone less sexually inhibited than average. They aren’t really sexy anymore they’re just… out there. What does freak mean? "I’ve found that most women are cool with a little spanking or hair-pulling, so that’s … Meaning of freak.