The 787 with its’ miserable 30 inch seat pitch should be avoided, however. Why?…. 10 MB  is not much– you might be able to download or shoot off an email or log into your Facebook account. To me that is the most important thing. There was no effort on passengers’ parts to even be neat or polite about it. I’m on a mission to stay at hotels which make you love traveling locally and alone . Wait a minute?! My flight was sold out, so all seats were full. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; I’m furious by the lack of humanity and utterly disgusted by the behavior of the supervisor who is there meant to deescalate the situation. I think so. There are most likely several different fare buckets that fall into Turkish Airlines' "Economy Promotion" category. China Eastern Airlines just shifted up on the ladder. China Eastern Airlines: The best budget carrier of Asia? I went to Namibi, December 13. Each of these fare buckets could have a different base price (as maybe demonstrated in your first example) and could have different change / re-issue rules (as shown in your second example). I’m not happy. My harassers sat there thinking they are right and I was rather treated with no respect by your cabin crew. If you travel as much as I do, being as comfortable as possible on the plane becomes part of self-care. At one point, I abruptly stood up because my body was freaking out inside itself. Your email address will not be published. - T is for Thailand. Burn that name in your memory as the aircraft to avoid. Turkish B777 economy seat. On the return flight, we had to babysit an elderly gentleman who was very disoriented. Honestly, the baggage allowance with Turkish Airlines is one of my favorite features. They come with a lamp, a socket and a coffee table. The light blue color scheme on the cushions were a major contrast to its all-leather plush seating on the Next Generation 737s that Turkish flies short-haul (more on that later). Economy Class seats are configured to offer a comfortable, relaxing travel experience. Last time for us to fly TA. Michael John Morrissey. The entertainment console has international to Hollywood movies and semi-latest releases, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out if you’ve not made it to the theater in the past six months. I was just a little confused wehen you start referring to TK as ‘Turkish Air’ in the second part as they are called Turkish Airlines. This picture was ta. Alcohol was also complimentary. Watch my video! Shop my Special Edition POP-UP merch >> SHOP HERE Dismiss, Christine Kaaloa is a head honcho traveler and, You need to agree with the terms to proceed, BEST Tokyo Capsule Hotel Experience- FEMALE ONLY Tour #2, BEST LUXURY Capsule Hotel Experience in Tokyo | First Cabin vs MyCube, I DID NOT EXPECT THIS! My first meals from San Francisco to Istanbul felt a little more like Hindu vegetarian meal, Indian rice with a whisper of Turkish (and I mean whisper– Turkish salad seasoning). Check out travel resources I recommend for more! Korean Airlines Review: Is Korean Air the Best Airlines . Otherwise, the cost WiFi is $9.99 per hour or $14.99 for a 24-hour package. Before you get excited, you must either be an existing Miles & Smiles Classic member (Turkish Airlines mileage program) or sign up to be a member while on-board. Even on short flights, you will receive something substantial to eat. If you’ve watched my videos, you know I am used to long haul travel days with potentially long layovers. Turkish Airlines, the national airline of Turkey, was the 20th airline to join the Star Alliance. For me as a diver this means I get to take all my diving gear free of charge on routes going to favorite dive destinations in the world. Turkish Airlines itinerary honolulu to bologna, Every airlines has their pros and cons. I can’t say if the rewards program for Turkish Air are better than any other carrier. - K is for Koh Tao. After my eventful adventure in Bali, it was time to head to Europe to prepare for the Paris Air Show. It is quite big so chances are you will have to do some serious walking – keep that in mind, when booking a connecting flight and don’t cut it too short. At one point, the flight attendant galley was so unattended that a couple of passengers started pillaging entire water bottles. When I traveled to Uganda in 2018 we flew with Turkish Airlines, an airline I hadn’t flown with in a while. I would be traveling for 40 in-transit hours total. Otherwise, these seats are horrendous. Personally, I don’t mind breaking up a long flight with an airport layover and there are worst places than Istanbul to do it. Especially as some don’t understand the concept of not shoving their bag on top of mine endangering the life of my laptop and camera. I  signed up for Miles & Smiles strictly for the bonus 10MB of internet time on my flight (which I did not gain access to) . The above photo from 2017, Istanbul to Riga in Economy class. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); Carry- on luggage requirements, you are allowed one piece, 8kg at 55x40x23 cm, plus a personal item such as handbag, camera, umbrella (without a pointed edge).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'grrrltraveler_com-leader-1','ezslot_2',170,'0','0'])); Hmmm… okay, yes and no. With their 31-inch pitch, 6 inches of maximum seatback recline, and adjustable seat pan and footrest, Turkish Airlines' economy class seats can be fine-tuned to accommodate almost any posture or sitting position. As I also flew with them on my own dime when coming back from Vietnam last November, so I will give you the gist from both of my flights here. Wednesday newsletters always feature a hotel or flight review. On Turkish Airlines, where there are 9 seats per row in a 3-3-3 configuration, seats are 18 inches wide (which is still generous, compared to other airlines). Make sure to pack an extra pair of undies and you will feel as good as new. Table of Contents: Turkish Airlines Review: Is Economy Class on a long haul flight worth it? When I knew I’d been accepted to attend a Social Travel Summit blogger conference in Ravenna and my conference expenses would be sponsored by the Emilia Romagna Tourism board, I researched flights and was thrilled to see an itinerary flying Turkish Airlines Economy Class. Turkish Airlines is renowned for their food selection and yes, that goes for economy class too. All flights with Turkish Airlines go via Istanbul Airport. - N is for Namibia. Have you hear, December 11. Disclosure: This post was done in cooperation with Turkish Airlines which paid for my flight from Hamburg to Cape Town. It is not great, nor is it that bad. I "cheated" ag, December 14. Seats are narrow and too close together — even for honeymoon couples. The plain was filled up to the last seat so basically there was no social distancing. Discounts just make life better, don’t ya think? INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS On short-haul international flights, there may not be a meal choice due to the short flying time, on longer routes expect a choice of two hot meal options. © 2019 The Midnight Blue Elephant. Sneaky buggers. Printed menus in eco… There’s more: • Some passengers did not wait for flight attendants to alleviate them of the tray. In addition, you will find play stations, a movie theatre, and various buffets and food counters all around. Mind you, I was grateful for my 30kg allowance flying from Hamburg to Cape Town with Turkish Airlines as my family always requires a copious amount of Haribo! Although the seat ergonomics are not bad, my knees and sciatica grew intensely irritated sitting in a cramped seat with little leg room. @Pete Ouch. They don’t remove trays until after the post-meal coffee and tea. The website participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates program,  an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Haha, since I was working with TK on this post I was allowed to board 5 minutes before everyone else to take those shots , We’ll I was going to Thailand but due to various lockdown it was canceled I them booked another flight with them and that was cancelled and I am still to this day waiting for my money I’m not happy no contact I normally take 12 flight a year with them I’m still in Spain waiting to fly to my family and home in Thailand. While much of the contents felt standard to what you might get on a premier flight (i.e. I flew from NY and on this 20 hour flight we were given absolutely third quality food which is not found in any other flights. The head attendant simple said if it was a problem for us to come and get him. I ignore all work, put my phone in flight mode, watch movies, and listen to Leonard Cohen. Glad you had such a good experience with them! The hospitality can range from a free day tour of Istanbul to a stay at their transit hotel. Upon my return, I got upgraded to an exit row aisle, due to the fact there was mistake about “my husband and baby” . While we had to catch flights in the middle of the night, the trip reminded me just how much I like them and I immediately signed up for their frequent flier program and started to look out for TK flights and deals. Tricky, December 22. From trains, multiple transport or flights, I factor them all into my content as its own journey. That is sad that they couldn’t put the elderly man in business where he might be more settled and comfortable. (function(d, sc, u) { That is the only time you see them and seldom a smile too. See my Amazon store for my travel gear lists! I had the best experience with turkish airlines so far, my favorite economy airlines! Mind you, I tend to stick to my good old favorites: the Mentalist and Harry Potter. - V is for Venice. The Turkish Airlines economy class seat on the Boeing 777 is your average economy seat. Many of the meals are freshly prepared and you can try some great Turkish dishes if you don’t make it into town. The passenger will get this option before check-in. Turkish Airlines Economy Class. I had an Etihad flight cancelled and got my refund quite quickly but that was early April and they have since stopped giving refunds. I’m extremely surprised by the way Turkish Airlines dealt with my complains about being harassed on the plane. To be honest, check-in in Hamburg is not the greatest. Everything was looking up from the start~ Bravo Turkish Airlines! First up menus. All content on is this site ©GRRRLTRAVELER. Luggage Requirements for Economy Class on International flights, you are allowed two pieces of luggage weighing 23 kg/ 50 lbs. I am 5’8″. There was a periodic stream of Economy Class passengers taking unusually long leg stretching breaks by the bathroom. What a shame!!! Depending on your flight time you could end up with one of the following options for your next economy class meal experience with Turkish Airlines. A very deliciou… I thoug. During Turkish Airlines meal time, you get a written menu of your options. My favorite features are the luggage lockers for your bigger hand luggage and the shower facilities that rival those of many hotels. - J is for Jaipur. })(document, 'script', '//');, sc, u) { var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = u; p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); })(document, 'script', '//'). While some say this is ironic coming from an airline, I still think it is the right step to make air travel greener and also remind us how we are each responsible to clean up after ourselves. - I is for Indonesia. When it comes to service I have nothing but good things to say about the Turkish Airlines crew. Maybe because it is a smallish airport there are not many counters and since TK has such a liberal luggage policy (more on that great feature below), it always seems to take a long time. Turkish Airlines' home base, Istanbul, is at the crossroads of East and West Europe and acts as a gateway to various destinations in Turkey and connections to the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia, Far East Asia, Africa, and North and South America. Not ready to travel alone yet? In lieu of a business class ticket, this is as good as flying gets these days not only thanks to unlimited Vishne. turkish airlines transit seat entertainment. Have you been to, December 12. that I love. It has flown for the airline since then, with the aircraft in active service. Luckily I have long legs… like who are these types of people?! - U is for Uganda. Travellers going up in the air with Turkish Airlines’ Economy Class can expect to have a time of their lives as the airline provides an ultimate level of comfort, which will transform your journey into a pleasing one. Additionally, I heard they offer complimentary hospitality for qualifying layover guests who fly with them. – but I dare say you could serve the TK meals in a regular setting and you still wouldn’t complain. ©Paliparan. What I didn’t count on with flying Turkish Airlines Economy Class in a Boeing 777-300er plane is that the seats are split into three seater rows  (3-3-3). Since Bali had, December 8. It looked like a smoking lounge. - L is for La Reunion. I never wanted. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Turkish Airlines Fleet Airbus A330-200 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout. Do they do that? To me, the Turkish Airlines economy class is one of the best ones out there and so I was delighted when they agreed to fly me to Cape Town for my annual trip in return for a review of the TK economy. While not tired by any means, one can tell that this is slowly becoming Turkish Airlines’ workhorse. Visit my GRRRINSPIRED shop. • Other than the designated meal and coffee time, I do not recall seeing a single flight attendant go around with water. Another thing was that we didn’t get a proper meal the whole flight, what we got was a couple of dry rolls with some cheese inside. eye mask, ear plugs, slippers), you also get additional essential items such as socks, toothbrush/toothpaste, vegan lip balm and a pretty nice quality cosmetic bag pouch. I hope everyone was at least wearing their masks properly? The great news is: most of their seats are absolutely free of charge! At least this saves some plastic cups! There is nothing better than arriving at an airport at 5 am after an overnight flight and have a hot shower! Turkish Airlines gives you an in-flight essentials bag. If you want a special meal you need to book this at least 24 hours in advance and the choices are incredible: diabetic, kosher, and vegan meals are only a few of the options. However, I only work with brands I use and/or would recommend to others. Luckily for me, both of my long-distance flights had a 2-4-2 seat configuration which is so much nicer than sitting in a row with three seats. Flight attendants are kind but extremely slow-moving at removing meal trays. For longer layovers, TK offers various stopover programs in Istanbul. While I try to minimize the number of flights I take and offset each trip with, nothing gets me more excited than heading to the airport. Especially my fish dish coming from Vietnam was amazing as is their breakfast in general. Hurrah, because Turkish Airlines does! The trip would take me from Singapore to Istanbul, flying not only through the new Singapore Jewel Mall (attached to Singapore Airport) but also through the new Istanbul Airport. Meghauli Serai~ Taj Safari Lodge, Chitwan National Park, Turkish Airlines long haul flight from San Francisco to Italy, Things I liked about flying Turkish Airlines Economy Class, Complementary luggage for international flights, Layover hospitality and Turkish Airlines free transit hotel, Things I disliked about flying Turkish Airlines Economy Class, Avoid Boeing 777-300er on long haul flights, Watch my Economy Class Turkish Air Review & New Istanbul Airport Video, How to Get a Turkish Airlines Free Transit Hotel. With all that said… would I recommend Turkish Airlines economy class? On a full flight, your best bet is to reserve a seat in the middle row, where only one seat is sandwiched by two aisle seats. What a joke. I love flying. At the flight attendant’s galley, I saw a passenger created pile of metal meal trays slopped up in a mess. Whatever you do, make sure you use some relatively lightweight luggage. Each passenger is responsible for his/her own cabin baggage, which is carried into the passenger cabin free of charge. The awards have been running since 1993 and are considered to be one of the most respected award bodies for travel companies in the world. You also get a nice blanket and best of all, a pillow with a cotton pillowcase. All Rights Reserved. Your email address will not be published. The flight was around 11 hours. It is configured in a two-class configuration with 49 Business Class seats and 300 Economy Class Seats. lol. For the fancy people amongst you, Turkish Airlines offers two airport lounges in the international terminal. Brutal. It felt substantial, surprisingly hearty and filling. The flight itinerary I chose was not for the weak of heart. a free day tour of Istanbul or a Turkish Air free Istanbul hotel. Turkish Airlines works on a weight system for certain international destinations and a piece system for others, so check out the list of destinations below before traveling so you know what you’re eligible for.. Journeys to and from the U.S. work on the piece system and the checked allowance is 2 bags across economy and business classes with a generous 70 pounds (32 kg) for the latter. On my second flight from Istanbul to Bologna, my Turkish Airlines vegetarian meal was more along the lines of Turkish foods. Start planning your Cape Town holiday here! I tried to sign up for the free 10MB on-board but the drop-down settings did not offer this WiFi option to U.S. residents, so I could not access the WiFi but they still took my email and issued me a Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles membership. HOW TO SCORE A FREE WALKING TOUR IN ISTANBUL. Last week, I published a trip report of my experience flying Business Class onboard a Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 from Hong Kong to Istanbul. Oh man, Lukasz, I am sorry you had such a bad experience with them. The economy class seats were relatively comfortable, but it would still be a … Seats with 79 cm of legroom that can recline up to 15 cm for comfortable travel; 46-cm seat width for a more comfortable journey on long-haul flights; Movable armrests enable middle seats to transform into a bed; 4-way adjustable seat headrest; 12-inch multimedia display Oh yes! The other passengers around her started threatening us about our safety as we land in Bangladesh airport because we wanted to maintain social distancing. If you are in a window seat, you are blocked in. - M is for Morocco. Required fields are marked *. The flight was cancelled another tickets for June 1st cancellation again and then June 10th. Boeing 777-300 ER … I didn’t know about that type of aircraft until now. Planning to travel with Turkish Airline? I think it must be a Star Alliance condition because i’ve noticed other Star Alliance airlines give you meal menus, as well. I had a window seat and am 5’8″. Use GRRRLTRAVELER :  70% OFF 3-year plan + 1 month FREE. Your email address will not be published. Your guide to Turkish Airlines seat maps and fleet information, use this before you book or take a flight. (I am a solo traveler but the check-in desk held me in interrogation for a while, as they quite sternly tried to figure out the whereabouts of my missing family) . I call it my in-flight bubble. That is a lot. This is regardless of whether you are a window seat or aisle gal! American travelers often pay a premium on travel insurance. Most travelers do not appreciate long flights and find them uncomfortable but you’ll easily discover the highs and lows of the airlines’ service. The Economy Class cabin of the Airbus A330 is showing its age. This site uses affiliate links and receives sponsored advertising as a way of maintaining this blog and my YouTube channel. Everyone should know about this disgusting experience I had at Turkish Airlines & they must take into consideration our safety on-board, may it be verbal or physical . I was being threatened on the flight by other passengers after a fight broke out because a random passenger came and sat on my mom’s foot while she was sleeping on the empty seats we found 4 hours into the flight. With this offer, the passengers can choose their economy class seats as per their preferences. World Nomads offers economic solutions for travelers who seek security and peace of mind. Always looking for a less reviewed or well-known airline (such as our recent article on Gangus Khan Airlines), I settled on flying Turkish Airlines. In economy class. To be honest, December 15. I spent close to two hours standing by the bathroom stretching out my legs and standing, just to avoid going back to my seat. Discover the Turkish Airlines dining onboard service in Economy Class! You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. I was forced to climb over two people to get out. We had flown recently from Istanbul to manilla to be exact on 7.09.2020. December 19. If you know a majority of passengers do not like long haul flights, should airlines go the extra mile to reduce the discomfort? But hospitality service seemed lacking on my flight. Never again. COVID-19 MARCH 2020 – WHAT AIRLINE PASSENGERS NEED TO KNOW. This being the airport, no one will blink an eye if you drink wine at 7 am or in my case, eat only cheese and olives for breakfast. I think a lot of airlines are struggling atm with cancellations and refunds, to be honest, I think it depends more on the timing than the airline when and if you are getting money back. Secondly, the seat pitch of 31-32 inches is slightly exceeding the industry avereage. I now fly Turkish Airlines every chance I get, and it’s nice that flights from the US to Turkey are opening up again.

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